Jun. 22nd, 2015 11:49 pm
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Just made this account. No idea how this works, but I guess it's a pretty good journal to use? Probably a lot more personal than tumblr, haha.. Anyway, let me introduce myself. My preferred name is Emil, I'm 19 years old, & I'm a transgender male. I plan on transitioning fully by the time I'm 25. I've been out to myself since I was 11 years old, which incidentally is about the time I experienced my first awakening as a reincarnated spirit. I didn't know what I was exactly back then, but I did know that I was male.

My history as a spirit from what I've learned is...telling, to say in the least. But basically: I lost myself to a really abusive relationship in the past which ended up with me ultimately dying for them & reincarnating to earth for healing, & most importantly!--To find myself. Which I have. Because--surprise, surprise--I managed to meet that same person I was in an abusive relationship with, only to find out that they only remembered my name because of their intense obsession with me. Since then, it's been nothing but bullshit drama that I won't get into. Probably.

So! My spirit's name is Andrastus, nickname Andre. (If you recognize my name, let me know!) I'm half-fire demon, half-angel. I am related to Andras as I am a shard of them that became their own being + incarnated. Sadly, I have no memory of them at this point. I just know that I am really old & pretty much an enlightened being. My parentage so far is a female demon named Binah, whom I also have no recollection of.

I'm actually not Asmodeus'/Asmodai's child, despite what others may say. The closest that I've found in my personal experiences is that they're cousins + blood brothers similar to Loki & Odin. I did take in & raised one of their shards as my own in the past.

I am a practicing hellenic polytheist & I worship all 12 of the Olympians, with close working relationships with my spirit guides.

If you wish to access my journal, just let me know in the comments, or message me!


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